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aqua aribell pn

Aqua Aribell PN is a skincare solution product also called bio-revitalizant for rejuvenating damaged or stressed skin, restoration and enhancement of skin regeneration.

PN+HA Solution

Aqua Aribell is made of only high-quality ingredients. The composition includes PN that maximized the efficacy and an optimized combination with high-quality Hyaluronic Acid to create and synergize the most powerful effect.



Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of the human body regulating the water balance of tissues. It is a substance from polymer molecules that freely fills the space of the extracellular matrix, which contributes to the healthy synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Over the years, acid synthesis is disrupted and age-related signs such as dry skin and fine wrinkles appear. Injecting Aqua Aribell PN into the skin from the outside helps to retain moisture in the skin layers (one molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts about 700 water molecules). Also it stimulates the production of skin’s own “hyaluron”.

Aqua Aribell PN uses only a high level Hyalu ronic Acid

of the best quality, what gives to the clients and their cosmetologist’s absolute safety. Shiseido - most famous and top-ranked company of HA manufacture.

HA Activeness

Hyaluronic acid acts on the connective tissue cells - fibroblasts. It stimulates their division, activating the mechanism by which fibroblasts produce their own HA, collagen and elastin, restoring the bonds between cells, contributes to their active regeneration.

As a result, the skin looks moisturized, supple and smooth,
without sagging and premature wrinkles


It is a natural donor of substrates for the synthesis of its own DNA molecules, stimulates the synthesis of necessary proteins and increases the reparative potential of the skin

PN is a specific nucleotide

extracted and refined from salmon, whose base composition is most similar to that of the human body. It has almost no foreign body reaction and has a very stable structure to heat. By activating the skin’s natural healing, it improves the skin dermis’s environment and restores the skin’s structure, which ultimately helps to recover the skin.

special feature

Aqua Aribell’s PN is an effective substance in regenerating tissue made by cutting salmon DNA in a particular size. It is a longer piece of DNA than regular PDRN so the ingredient can stay longer in the skin and has longer effect. It is one of the latest developments in cosmetology with a large researches base that maximizes its efficacy more than before.

  • 1) It makes more favorable physiological conditions for the growth of cells in skin.
  • 2) Assist to increase the production of amorphous extracellular matrix substances and fibrillar substances.


  • Recovers damaged cells and stimulates skin repair processes

  • Reduces the process of the appearance of acne and inflammation

  • Improves the elasticity of the skin, supplements elastic fibers lost due to aging

  • Facilitates and accelerates the healing of scars and skin texture

  • Improve fine wrinkles

  • Preventing the formation of new wrinkles

  • Narrowing of pores

  • Increases the metabolic activity

  • Restores microcirculation in tissues

Results of Aqua Aribell PN’s procedure you can get

  • well-moisturized skin, smoothing out small facial wrinkles around the eyes and lips, quick recovery of the skin after a traumatic effect.

  • fresh, smooth, firm, elastic skin moisturized and protected from negative environmental factors. The result is visible after the first session.


  • Treatment Area

    Full face(Forehead, Cheeks, Around eyes, Jaw line etc.)

  • Retouch Cycle (Protocol)

    AQUA ARIBELL PN will be used once every 15 days for 3 times on the initial phase, then once onceevery month for 2 times on the recovery phase, and once every 2-6 months on the
    maintenance phase.