Best Solution for Healthy Beauty

Replengen Is

A Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid filler which is designed and developed to enhance body volume.

Fillers Replengen provide almost instant results with a minimum amount of discomfort and rehabilitation period, maintaining the effect from the introduction up to 18 months.


  • Replengen Deep

    Used to remove moderate to deep wrinkles (nasolabial), changing the contours of the face, the shape of the chin, lips, increasing them to the desired size.

  • Replengen Fine

    Used to improve fine lines around the eyes, neck and forehead.

  • Replengen Volume

    Great for removing deep facial wrinkles (correcting the shape of the cheeks, cheekbones, chin contouring.

Advantages of Replengen

  • Accurate Treatment

    Fine-tuned gel particles of the Replengen with GI (Griding Irregular) technology allows to achieve precise pressure output, ensuring smooth injection and stable operation.

  • Superior Duration

    HAMC (Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Correction) Technology with the cross-linking process delays the decomposition of HA in the body and improves the dura–tion after the procedure.

  • Excellent Quality

    Replengen has been proved through strict quality control and guarantee system and maximized the effect of wrinkle improvement and volume recovery after the procedure.

  • High Safety

    Its raw material of hyaluronic acid is provided by Shiseido company in Japan, and safety has secured by eliminating the risk factors through real-time monitoring of harmful substances such as BDDE, endotoxin, heavy metals and microbial contamination.