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about GLKBIO

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about GLKBIO


Trying to respond to the human desire for healthy beauty, our company specializes in selling best products, such as skin boosters, fillers, lifting threads and cosmetics, from OEM production and manufacturing companies.

We aim to produce the best and the most reliable products for our customers around the world.
We conduct researches about the skin characteristics and cultures of different market groups to create
the most effective optimal solutions.
Working with us will bring the most satisfied results.
Thank you!

Aribell is our company’s own brand that expresses Korean Beauty.

GLKBIO Inc., CEO Lee Sang Moon


Live a wonderful life with healthy beauty. Good Life K-BIO

GLKBIO has a goal of living a wonderful life with healthy beauty.
Based on NK CELL, PN (PDRN), MICROBIOEM, HA, PEPTIDE, etc., we produce safe and satisfactory medical devices and cosmetics with the best raw materials, high-quality ingredients, and optimal combinations, and export them to the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, etc.

  • Best Raw
  • High-Quality
  • Optimal

GLKBIO Inc. is a R&D-oriented company with a strong sense of responsibility that puts trust with customers first. GLKBIO Inc., has its headquarters and research center in Bio Cluster Jinju Bio Industry Promotion Institute, and has a Seoul office in Seoul which is in charge of domestic and international marketing.

Company GLKBIO
CEO Lee Sang Moon
Export Fillers, Skin Boosters, Threads, medical Cosmetics ext
Address 810, 165, Magokjungang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel. +82-70-7766-7779 Fax. +82-02-2063-7755
Web www.glkbio.com E-Mail info@glkbio.com
Tel. +82-70-7766-7779
Fax. +82-02-2063-7755
Web www.glkbio.com
E-Mail info@glkbio.com

about aribell brand

Aribell is a brand of GLKBIO beauty products. “Arirang” (Ari) symbolizes Korea while “Bella” (Bell) symbolizes beautiful women in Italy. Aribell, which was created by synthesis, is a combination of Korea, East and West. It has the meaning of living a happy life through healthy beauty.

Released products from Aribell

  • Aribell with Lidocaine (biologic for tissue repair)
  • Aqua Aribell PN (PN, HA based skinbooster)
  • Aribell CPR-s (Cell, PN, HA based skinbooster)
  • Aribell Fit (Peptide-based lipolytic and slimming solution)
  • Aribell Cosmetics