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Best Solution for Healthy Beauty


A set of P&R masks to help soothe and manage irritated skin after skin treatment

  • PN ingredients extracted from salmon DNA and the unique resolution ingredients of
    Aribell help skin healthier and smoothier.
  • The Aribell Volume Complex fills the volume of the skin to make skin elastic.
  • Rejuvenate your skin with a mask pack that maximizes the function of ampoule
    which bring elasticity and moist to your skin.


Aribell PN Ampoule 50ml

  1. Aribel solution that restores skin's natural health
  2. Premium elasticity care that fills the skin with volume
    from the inside out Moisturized and glowing skin with
    natural moisturizing factor ingredients
  3. Extracted from salmon DNA, Ha and other niacinamide
    ingredients, Aribell PN ampoule with micro-size ingredients
    that can quickly absorb into skin without any evaporation of
    essence comparing to other normal ampoule.

Main ingredients PN

PN ingredients extracted from salmon DNA, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide ingredients restore healthy skin.

It contains PN ingredients, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycan, vorphyrin, and peptides for volume complex, which fills the skin from the inside and improves elasticity.
It helps to restore the oil-water balance.

Aribell DR MASK

The DR mask pack is applied to the skin stimulated by the
external environment. The fresh essence formulation provides
moisture without stickiness. Highly moisturizing to match the
ideal oil—moisture balance, This is a soothing daily care mask

Aribell DR Mask uses Semi Gel which is a highly transparent
and highly absorbent material that has been completed
through the CMC reaction of cellulosic fibers comparing to
general lefts.