we contribute for healty beauty

research and development


Pursuing a wonderful life with healthy beauty, GLKBIO creates GLK COMPLEX through exquisite combination of NK CELL, PN, MICRO BIOME, etc through R&D. We focus on researching such elements to product an immune-type skin care solution that protects human skin from various pollutants and prevents the aging process. We are constantly striving for a wonderful life with healthy skin and beauty.


  1. NK CELL

    Cells that destroy virus-infected cells, We are developing cell technology that can give great vitality to aging skin damaged by various external environments.

  2. PN (PDRN)

    It is a regenerated ingredient obtained by extracting gene fragments from the reproductive cells (semen and testis) of salmon.PN, which has excellent effects on skin regeneration, etc., has been applied to medical and cosmetic fields and its effectiveness has been verified. We will develop a material that can show the maximum effects through the optimal combination.

  3. Micro Biome

    We will develop a technology that combines substances derived from nature with the development of microorganisms that are beneficial to humans and substances that are a combination of microorganisms in the body and substances of the ecosystem.


    For a wonderful life, we create new complex called GLK Complex by optimally combining previously developed ingredients with new ingredients to be developed.

The policy of GLKBIO INC., is "Quality first"

  • Quality First

    GLKBIO INC., is developed with the philosophy and vision to create the products with the highest quality. We invest in research and innovation technology with the priority on quality and strong focus on anti-aging and biomaker technologies.

  • Core R&D Vision

    Becoming a global biotech company
    Focusing on Medical Aesthetics , Anti-aging and Beauty products.

  • Global bio-company

    We aim to become a trusted company providing our consumers with excellent-quality products to preserve their beauty.